Create, search and organize your information, notes, tasks and ideas in the mobile app TREE-IT!

Let the trees grow with you

TREE-IT! is an app for mobile phones and tablets, which can help you organize your notes, lists, tasks and ideas - simply through leafs and trees. The application is localized into the languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Russian and Czech.

Functions that will make your life easier

  • lístečky

    Leafs and trees

    Every leaf represents a note or idea. You can organize your leafs and put them into groups (trees) and then create neverending subgroups.

  • přesun položek

    Moving, copying, deleting

    You can simply edit, move, copy or delete selected leafs and trees, so that you can adjust whatever you want, whenever you want and you'll enjoy working with it. Items can be picked one at a time or you can simply shake your phone to select all.

  • stav položek

    Status check / uncheck

    You can mark every leaf as checked or unchecked. You can hide checked leafs just by tapping one button, so that you only see what you need.

  • barva položek


    You can mark trees and leafs with colour tabs, which makes your lists more organized and helps you quickly find what you want. You can also search and sort leafs and trees by colours.

  • poznámka

    Description, due date

    You can also add even more information to each leaf or tree such as due date or a note with unlimited length. Your description can be as long as needed, and it can also contain links to web pages, videos, photos, emails etc.

  • řazení položek

    Clever sorting

    Leafs and trees can be sorted to suite your needs - upwardly or downwardly, by content or just manually drag and drop them wherever you want. Every item retains its place in the tree.

  • vyhledávání položek

    Useful search

    You'll find exactly what you want every time. You can quickly search by the text in the title, description of a note or pick any combination of the searching terms. TREE-IT! will remember your last settings for the next search. You can work with search results immediately and go back to them.

  • připojení

    You do not need connection

    You don't have to be online or have any user account to use TREE-IT! All of your data is saved in your phone and you can be sure there is plenty of room for notes. TREE-IT! can work with thousands of items without any problem.

  • zálohování položek

    Backup and Data Security

    You can backup all of your leafs and trees via Dropbox or into files in your phone. For example, if you lose your phone and buy new one you can simply download your saved data.

  • zaslání položek

    Leafs and trees for everyone

    You can send selected leafs and trees to anybody else's TREE-IT! For example you can send a shopping list to your partner, or your colleague can send you the work plan.

  • šablony položek

    Templates for quick creating new items

    The templates can save you plenty of time and work. Leafs and trees that you create frequently can be saved as a template. Saved templates are able to be used quickly and you don't have to write anything.

  • free

    Free trial

    You can try all TREE-IT! Functions. The free version is limited to 50 items.

  • předplatné položek

    Prepay by month

    If you want to have an unlimited amount of leafs, trees, and templates, you can prepay for one month.

  • download položek

    Useful lists and templates

    Here you can get useful lists and templates for your TREE-IT!

Download TREE - IT! from Google Play